Alien TypesEdit

There are lots of alien types.

Alien Warrior 4bce16038d0e4


A Warrior is just after a Chestburster . Once the Chestburster finds an ample food suply it grows into a Warrior .

Warrior Dome

A Warrior Dome is a various type of alien. Warriors are more often born than others.
Alien Runner by Icarion


A Runner is a smaller than Warriors . It runs on all fours. And is though the weakest alien after the Chestburster
Praetorian profile


A Praetorian is the next stage after a Warrior. There are 2 types of Praetorians. A Pre-Mature Praetorian and a Mature Praetorian . The Mature Praetorian is also called a Queen's Guard.
Alien Queen v2 by synax444
The Queen Alien is the SECOND to Final Stage of the Alien Lifecycle. The Queen is few times bigger than a Mature Praetorian .
Queen Mother

Queen Mother

The Queen Mother is the final stage of an Alien Lifecycle. It is not if it is a Hybrid
Predalien2finalyg3 RE What weapon would you use during a zombie apocalypse-s490x468-50803-580


The Predalien is a Alien Predator Hybrid. It was born by a predator being facehugged in the end AVP after the Queen died it also died but it was half alive which made it perfect for a host


A Newborn was born when Ripley 8's human DNA was mixed with alien DNA. Then Weyland Yutani cloned her into a alien human after she died in Alien 3
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Ripley 8

Ripley died in Alien 3 she was facehugged. In Alien Resurrection they cloned her with the Chestburster still inside her. When she was cloned her blood was the same color as human blood but it was molecular acid becauase of human and alien DNA mixing.